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Welcome to the Los Peumos Community website


Here you can find information about the activities in progress, projects, social life, economic notices and services that the Community develops.


Indices Económicos de Chile

Indices económicos de hoy día actualizados continuamente por el Banco Central de Chile. Los indicadores económicos son datos estadísticos sobre la economía que nos permiten realizar un análisis de la situación económica tanto para el pasado como para el presente

Chicureo, que dice Wikipedia

Chicureo (en mapudungún: Chi kürew ‘el tordo’) es una localidad, ubicada en la zona sur de la comuna de Colina, en la provincia de Chacabuco, al norte del Gran Santiago -y en proceso de conurbación con ésta- en la Región Metropolitana, Chile.

Alertas tempranas ONEMI actualizadas en tiempo real.

Alertas tempranas de la Dirección Regional de la Onemi Metropolitana, continuamente actualizados en tiempo real.

Restricción vehicular 2021

Desde el 1 de mayo y hasta el 31 de agosto (gestión de episodios críticos) se aplicará la restricción vehicular 2021.

Mapa de Farmacias de Turno en su sector

Mapa de Farmacias de Turno en su sector por FARMANET, un Sistema informático de Gestión de Establecimientos Farmacéuticos y Políticas Farmacéuticas,

Casos Covid-19 confirmados por comuna actualizadas.

Aqui encuentran actualizaciones del Ministerio de Salud (Minsal) con respecto a casos confirmados en Chile de Covid-19 por comuna en el país.

Anchor Noticias

About us

The Los Peumos de Chicureo Community is located on Calle San José, a few meters north of the intersection with Calle Santa Cecilia. It is a closed and private sector of approximately 50 hectares, where today there are about 52 families that live in our plots.

It is a very natural environment, with privileged flora and fauna, with many native trees and where tranquility and silence are a characteristic of the beauty of the environment.

Among the first neighbors who came to colonize this beautiful place we can mention several families, who dared to leave the usual and especially the densely populated Santiago. We can also say that some pioneers arrived more than 20 years ago.

They were the ones who started this Community more than a couple of decades ago, which today already has a voluntary Committee elected by the neighbors that is in charge of executing improvement actions for the Community.

Many changes have occurred since the first neighbors arrived, such as: today we already have street lights, access gates, security cameras and cleaning of canals and streets.


Little by little we have been developing and improving our space, and we hope to continue with more advances for all of us who chose this beautiful place to live with our families.



Project to improve the security of the enclosure by incorporating technological elements and surveillance services.


Initiative to increase the quality of all roads - streets of the enclosure, improving the conditions of the current asphalt and placing it where it is not asphalted today.

Neighborhood Board

Plan to achieve in the medium term to establish the Los Peumos Neighborhood Board so that the Community has legal support and can obtain the benefits that the Boards receive.

Community Forum

It is an organized chat where you can expose your points of view, needs or ask questions, each conversation or discussion must be understood with a high eye, without fear of opinions that we do not like, and all with a friendly and respectful language. It is only available to residents of the Los Peumos Community.



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